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1.The smart ring is a fashionable and wearable electronic product with 4 major feature NFC, M1 Card, ID Card and Health Module:
①With a set of built-in NDEF protocol standard for high-speed NFC chips, it`s able to connect a smartphone to complete function performing and data sharing, that way many playful and convenient function will be accessible. Place the smart ring within the NFC area of a smartphone to perform: screen unlocking, a pp lock unlocking, a pp quickly launching, name card and URL information sending and reading, etc.
②With a set of built-in 13.56MHz high-frequency IC chips, it can be used to copy most of the non-contact IC cards such as access card, elevator card, parking card, membership card, consumption card, etc..
③With a set of built-in 125KHZ low-frequency ID chips, It can be used to copy all non-contact ID cards of the same frequency into the various card above, too.
④In the inner side of the ring metal ring embryo, there are 3 item that good for your health:

How to use:
1.First, check if your smartphone has NFC function. It can usually be found in the system settings. If no relevant options are found, contact with the manufacturer post-sale support, or search on Google if the smartphone model has NFC function and confirm its NFC area.
2.If your smartphone has NFC function, turn on the NFC switch, search your a pp sto re for the software which a pply NFC, download and install them.
3.Start the NFC APP, perform actions according to the instructions.
4.Since NFC is a near field communication technology, make sure to place the top side of the ring chip right close to the NFC area when reading any data to avoid the failure in reading and writing.
5.NFC function will be based on this A pp JACKOM, please search on this link to download:ins. (or you can search other NFC App that based on a NFC device)

Color: Black white

Package Content:
1x ring

Additional information

Weight 0.04 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

7, 11, 8, 10, 9, 12


White, Black3, Black2, Black1

96 reviews for Smart NFC Ring Fashion

  1. V***a

    Just like in the picture, I haven't tried it.

  2. E***y

    Everything works

  3. R***s

    No instructions, no box. Purchase malicisima. I don't recommend it. Seems more like a scam.

  4. J***a

    I can't match it with the mobile.

  5. U***n

    It's not what I expected.

  6. M***n

    Very fast delivery all works, asked the seller 10 size, all approached I recommend on⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. F***f

    Cool ring! At work it is convenient to open the doors now) size, only, slightly more than expected. 2 keys are read by MIFARE readers (13,56 MHz), their UID is not rewritable. And one read by EM-Marine readers (125 kHz). Here is his UID can be overwritten. It is necessary to arrange with interphones somehow to make MIFARE the key to the base of the entrance. Many opportunities open when working with a smartphone with NFC module. But, for me, it's clear to play and forget. Although, there are interesting pluski, for example, the record in the ring of different information. In general, stylish, fashionable, youth, modern)) every fan of gadgets should try it)

  8. A***v

    What can I say about the ring:
    1. could only write to ID the entry key of the Vizit system. Registered immediately. Registered in the workshop for making keys for 500 tenge in Pavlodar Kazakhstan.
    2. binding map Caspian gold Caspian bank could not independently to ring for non-contact payments. I was told to the bank that the bank does not do such procedures with cards. On the fifth day of using the ring one of 3 stones peeled off and lost. Due to, that the ring does not correspond to the description and does not perform all the declared functions I opened a dispute about the return of 10 $. The seller agreed with my dispute. For which the seller Thank you.

  9. S***v

    Not working

  10. O***n

    very good

  11. A***v

    The key to the M1 intercom was registered without problems. It works at a distance of approximately 5mm. A little bit more, it looks cumbersome, but in a week began to get used to it. NFC from the phone easily records tags.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  12. P***n

    Everything works, intercom and office opens. I take the second already, the first lost

  13. P***v

    Delivery 2 weeks
    no remarkno remark

  14. A***o


  15. M***M


  16. L***r

    The parcel was received .. thanks! How to figure out what and how))

  17. G***n

    Best seller! Good luck!

  18. A***m

    I don't like it it's not worth it. I supposed to having my money back but unfortunately I didn't receive it.

  19. E***v

    Thank you

  20. R***r

    Thank you received, and satisfied. How I will test and write! Seller satisfied!

  21. D***r

    all perfect and working, all chips can be programmed successfully.
    The ring comes in original JAKCOM neat package.
    Arrived in 20 days

  22. D***k

    Cooler than I thought.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  23. M***z

    Excellent, works perfectly, as described

  24. R***r


  25. N***v

    Got it fast enough. The description does not say that r3f with two chips!!! Be careful. Chips are readable, programmed. But if I knew, I would order just R3. Size 9 approached.
    no remark

  26. R***a

    Hello. Second Ring bought from this seller. You can trust this shop that has a very good contact with customers. In addition the parcel arrived in 8 days in France. Thanks to the seller. Cordially

  27. P***r

    Cool ring, pretty enough took on a finger 6.7 cm came up perfectly

  28. G***n

    good quality..

  29. J***g

    Fast delivered. I thought there is a health module which can monitor the tracking, but not. Anyway is a nice ring.
    no remark

  30. I***a


  31. A***k

    very nice product.
    no remark

  32. V***h

    All OK

  33. K***k

    The ring looks huge on the hand, not for a woman's hand. I recorded the key to the intercom, everything works.

  34. I***v

    Ring not working

  35. G***r

    Ecellent, in time, and works correctly, very easy to set up
    no remark

  36. U***u

    Ordered to record a pass, through the phone did not work. Now I ordered a duplicator, we'll check what happens.

  37. D***

    The ring came to Ukraine in two weeks, the package is whole, the goods correspond to the description. Checked two chips, both work .. The third one was not able to check

  38. A***n

    Excellent quality and fast delivery.

  39. A***n

    In this size, it looks like the antennas are too close, or the IC is some weak. When reading and recording IC more often catches NFC .. With sizes 10 + all approx. Shipping fast.

  40. G***r

    There are two slices that are not idle and only work please compensate!!
    no remark

  41. M***s

    In general, the ring performs its functions, records the tags, works as a pass key at work, but the distance to be triggered is slightly smaller than that of the card. NFS works, but they can not pay, they need the bank to tie it to its base, like a map. After a week of use, one of the stones inside the ring was unglued and lost, then the second, but in time I noticed and stuck it back. Functionality from this did not suffer. Has addressed the seller with a claim for compensation of at least five dollars. The seller went to the meeting, for which I put five stars. You can recommend, a good toy. Nice to watch the surprised faces of the employees when you put your hand on the turnstile, not the card.
    no remarkno remark

  42. V***n

    6 weeks delivery to Romania, product works fine! thank you!

  43. R***r

    Came whole, packaging whole, but the ring itself the bank card does not load, NFC action radius is very small, in short, so-so, a toy for young people.

  44. A***k

    It works good, but the ring is big. I did everything exactly as described in the instructions, but it turned out much more. So i'll order the smaller one.

  45. V***n

    Very fast delivery 7 days. Took the second, functional excellent.

  46. R***n


  47. D***v

    The size approached. As the ID key works, took for this purpose

  48. V***v

    Does not work payment by card, and so good seller

  49. K***m


  50. J***o

    Bad experience

  51. M***l

    Good quality. Works great!

  52. P***r

    Great ring.

  53. M***

    I liked it very much, the measure is one size more than mine, as a recommendation for future buyers to order a size less. The app is not the updated one but it is a matter of searching the web for the most appropriate program. It works very well in connection and data. I recommend the ring and the seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  54. D***v

    Fast shipping. The quality is excellent. I still understand. But the key to the intercom is sewn and works fine. I'm happy with the purchase.

  55. R***r

    The goods came quickly. Well packed. The size approached perfectly. Beautiful, elegant. I have not yet programmed for opening the doors, but I hope everything will work out

  56. S***y

    Delivery to Moscow within three weeks, corresponds to the description and functionality

  57. V***n

    The quality of materials at altitude, looks great, suitable for both men and women. With the size of a little flew, while I lost weight by 5 kg, now large, well, I'll give nothing to my father, I'll re-order a new one. A modern smart accessory, for everyday constant use, in general, it is stylish and technically relevant.
    no remark

  58. R***n

    Two weeks in the Kirov region Recommend

  59. D***o

    Cool ring, stylish. But!!!! it. chips work, NFC too. But even a business card (its number) can not be sent by NFC if there is no specific program on the phone. open intercom or work pass maybe, but I would like more NFC capabilities without third-party programs such as NFC tasks. size 20,5mm perfectly fit 11
    no remarkno remark

  60. J***i

    It's all right

  61. S***s

    It is very good item and seller

  62. E***i

    Took for recording the key. Works.

  63. A***n

    Качеством доволен….записал на один из чипов ключ от домофона,записался на ура (домофон vizit).Для чипа NFS нет ПО,по QR коду на упаковке страницу с приложением не находит,облазил все возможные форумы по всем ссылкам тоже приложение не находится. Написал продавцу…..прошло 2 дня,пока отмалчивается!

  64. A***v

    классная вещь мне понравился

  65. A***n

    Кольцо отличное. На M1 скопировал ключ от домофона, на ID пропуск в тренажерный зал. Не знаю, что полезного придумать с NFC, но и так очень доволен.

  66. G***e

    I like this Smart Ring

  67. K***t

    way too big, does not have size label , cannot use

  68. S***n

    Товар полностью соответствует описанию. Качественное исполнение и красивая упаковка – не стыдно использовать как подарок. Все три чипа отлично работают. Доступный для записи объем метки NFC – 142 Байта. Чипы Mifare (M1) и E-Marine (ID) перезаписываемые – можно делать копии с других меток.
    Я записал пропуск на работу (ID), ключ от домофона (M1) и задачу для телефона (NFC) – получилось отличное сочетание, которое очень удобно для постоянного ношения, особенно при частом использовании (на работе все двери с электронными замками).
    no remarkno remark

  69. D***r

    кольцо прихало
    пока протестил только домофон и карту входа на работу.
    хочу отметить, что на 1 чип можно записать только 1 метку.

    пока разбираюсь дальше

  70. M***k

    Great product, fast delivery. Size matched the required size. All packed well.

  71. T***o

    Можите преобретать ради белка но может мне попался брак некоко не обсуждаю но кальцо попалось пустым для белка не запесать
    no remark

  72. O***r

    Размер кольца большой
    no remark

  73. R***r


  74. M***d

    Item as described by the seller. Excellent delivery time to the U.K.

  75. A***v

    Доставка 8 дней. Ключ от домофона прописался моментально. В целом классная штука, но действительно не удобно пользоваться, так как приходится вертеть кольцо на пальце, пока что М1 не попадёт на считыватель домофона. Кольцо должно упрощать жизнь, это – осложняет) Но тем не менее продавец трижды переспросил размер, в итоге кольцо сидит идеально)
    no remarkno remark

  76. M***Z


  77. S***v

    Кольцо не маленькое, что по диаметру,что по толщине.Брал с тремя чипами "R3".Может не всем подойти по стилю.В остальном сервис доставки отличный.Расписывать как оно работает нет смысла.Кто его покупает, тот уже должен быть в теме.Хотел на большой палец, взял самый большой размер и всё равно оно не надевается.Ещё бы на один размер побольше.
    no remark

  78. L***c

    produit bien reçu nfc et taille conforme, mais pas encore teste id et im.

  79. A***

    Non funziona
    no remark

  80. L***e

    I was unable to use the NFC function, I was able to use only the rfid function

  81. K***s

    Хорошее колечко. Без проблем записал на него 2 RFID пропуска и NFC метку. Размер соответствует таблице. Немного толстовато, с непривычки неудобно носить, но потом привык.

  82. R***V

    метка 13,56 МГц не читается, очень жаль только для этого и брал.

  83. M***v

    Заказал R3.
    Пришло на размер больше, чем заказывал, неудобно носить.
    Чип NFC работает, но бесполезен. Чип M2 работает, скопировал на нее пропуск, но не всегда срабатывает, сигнал слабый.
    ID просил занулить секторы перед отправкой, чтобы его можно было записать, но нет, пришел с уже зашитым номером, перешить нельзя.

  84. V***v


  85. W***h

    Artikel wie beschrieben.

  86. V***v

    Мне не подошёл размер
    no remark

  87. N***l

    Ring as described but yet to set it up
    sizing a little big, i normally have size 12 but this one is a little loose.
    took a long time for delivery, but got it in the end which is the main thing

  88. J***H

    aún no he conseguido hacer funcionar. necesita un teléfono con capacidad NFC.

  89. S***o


  90. M***v

    He can be the key for the intercom, for me this is the most important. Magic properties for health did not notice

  91. A***v

    Norm ring. Careful with the size. It turned out to be bigger.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  92. G***a

    The size is not the same, instead of 11 size 12. Measured шттангенциркулем 22mm

  93. A***v

    Работает , но чип работает на очень близком расстоянии , до некоторых считывателей просто недотягивает

  94. R***i

    Hochwertig und ca. 2 wochen Liefer Zeit. Bei der Grösse habe ich eins kleiner gewählt als die ermittelte Grösse vom Beschreibung der Verkäufer und es sitzt perfekt.
    no remark

  95. K***n

    I'm for smart rings infinitely blunt. This is not a ring, but a ring in half a phalanx wide. The sizes in the photo do not reflect the validity. It will really interfere. Let's see how long his appearance will remain decent.
    no remark

  96. A***L

    Пришло быстро

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